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The Cerise Family Showcase since 1967.

GINA CERISE is on the right.

The following business enterprises are owned and operated by
Gina Cerise and are available for partnership. CONTACT for more info.
Dial A Rose established $19.84


Being in the floral business is a privilege. I am grateful to
look at and smell the fragrance of heaven every day. Since $19.84
I have been developing a simple elementary way to send flowers.
"The finest way to send your love!{ is the original slogan developed
by the founder in $19.84.

Dial A Rose Lake Park
700 Old Dixie Hwy #111A
Lake Park, FL., 33403

JOB DESCRIPTION: Uniformed Courier
1) Make Bouquets after training.
2) Deliver Bouquets in your personal vehicle.
3) Collect and Distribute business cards.

HOURS OF OPERATION: 7am-7pm 7 days*
*Phones are answered by the Headquarters.

Diva D is me!!

This business began when my amazingly loving and kind sister
in Los Angeles would not stop sending me gifts upon gifts:)
I AM LOVED!!!!!! When we become a certain age, we need perfume,
candles and flower...(In my opinion). Everything else and
items that are gifted, pick up or pickened...sell through Diva D.
You do not need a warehouse until it gets HUGE like it did for me.
I have a warehouse and need a partner!!

Since I am a Diva, my concept was to film me wearing items and then selling
them like a rock star. The concept developed into a retail outlet with 100's
of items at rocker bottom prices.

This concept is the most fun.

L'Hotel Regine

I have been developing L'Hotel Regine for many years and it is one
of my favorite businesses.

Add a lot of income to your household by finding the correct tenants.
Being a hotelier I have dealt with the right tenants and the wrong

Learn how to effectively market to obtain the right
person to pay your mortgage, or at least part of it.

I understand the codes associated with tenants and can teach you how
to run your household and have less expenses so you can enjoy your life.

Break The

Those who love our Lord and wish to minister...this business if for
you. There are so many who need this mobile ministry.

Geyser Records

I can write music to any lyrics.

Flower Philosophy

Hear what the flowers have to say!! Unfiltered commentary about
life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in America the beautiful.

Your hostess Aunt Gina brings home the bacon selling flowers and talking
about everything and anything while designing bouquets, plus.

Learn about flowers, learn how to design and hear what the flowers have
to say!

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do 1997

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do is a screenplay about the need to create
more secure relationships because breaking up is hard to do.

Written in 1997 by Gina Cerise to make her mother laugh, this humorous
art work has many potentials.

When I wrote about Bobby, the flower shop owner, it was really about me!!